Brent Simpson, Century 21 REALTOR

Each week, we’re going to highlight a different business in the Greater Gardenside area. Our first spotlight is for Brent Simpson, Century 21 REALTOR, with an office located at 1818 Versailles Road. It’s a mix of serious and silly, so we hope you enjoy.

1.  What made you change your career path (accountant to realtor)?  My father had tried to get me to become a real estate agent for 20 years prior.  I became a REALTOR in 2008, to learn the family business and start helping my parents, since they own the company.  My accounting skills are still put to use with my attention to detail, negotiation skills and continual learning.  It is very rewarding to help others choose a home and realize their dream of home ownership.  

2.  What’s your professional realtor motto/slogan/mantra?  “Make Your Move!”

3.  What are the three most important characteristics of a great realtor?  ‘Honesty,’ ‘integrity’, and ‘responsiveness’ are the three most important characteristics in any field.   

4.  Why did you choose to open an office on Versailles Road?  My father chose to open an office on Versailles Road since he loved the classic look of the building, the visibility, the community, and the proximity to our Frankfort Office. 

5.  What’s the greatest advantage of the Versailles Road area for small businesses?  The greatest advantage of the Versailles Road area is that it is full of small businesses that work together and support each other.  It’s a community of diverse and caring people. 

6.  What challenges do you face operating a small business on Versailles Road?  The main challenge of operating a small business on Versailles Road is getting the word out that we are here to serve all, equally.  We are here to help.       

7.  If you could change one thing or make one improvement to the Versailles Road/Greater Gardenside area, what would it be?  The biggest change that we need and the greatest challenge we face in the Gardenside area is affordable housing. 

8.  Do you have a favorite place in the Greater Gardenside area to grab a bite to eat, take a walk, meet with a client, etc.?  Gardenside Park is a great place to relax and take a walk. 

9.  What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Butter pecan ice cream is the best!

10.  If you were in charge of planning a concert for the Greater Gardenside area, which three artists would you bring (money is no object, no constraints, anyone you want, total fantasy question)?  Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Andrea Bocelli.

11.  What’s the next book you plan on reading?  I’m planning to read “Traction” by Gino Wickman.

12. If you had to choose one actor to play you in the accountant-turned-realtor story of your life, who would it be?  George Clooney, since he is a Kentucky native.

If you’d like to know more about Mr. Simpson or his Century 21 business, he can be reached at (502) 320-4076.